Anyone who wishes to donate ┬ácan do so at any Wells Fargo Bank or by mailing a check made payable to “Carly Jo and Sophia Life Trust” to:

Wells Fargo Bank

500 33rd Ave. SW

Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

*** Please write “TELLER LINE” on the envelope.

If donating via credit card is your preference, S. Todd Pollock is collecting donations and offering a FREE sticker with any donation over $10 via Paypal (of course you are free to donate any amount).

If you just want a sticker – Message Todd on FB for address to send Self Addressed Stamped Envelope and throw in some dough!

ALL proceeds go to the Carly Jo and Sophia Life Trust (paypal will take a small processing fee).

Choose from the following sticker colors. Each sticker is “Top Quality” and approximately 2 x 5″:

IamIngda-blue IamIngda-brown IamIngda-purple IamIngda-pink IamIngda-drk-purple

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