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Remembrance of Jan. 30, 2014

Ingrid was married to Rob for 20 years.  They had two beautiful girls Carly and Sophie and seemed to be living the American Dream.  But there was a dark side that many people truly never knew.

Rob suffered with mental health issues.  Bi Polar was his diagnosis.  He self medicated and became addicted to prescription drugs.  Ingrid didn’t share much of her silent turmoil with family and friends until a week before her death.  She had decided to give him an ultimatum of getting his meds adjusted or she was going to divorce him.

She left and went to her Mother Linda’s condominium around the corner.  That evening Rob came over for a visit and they booked him a flight to New Mexico to stay with close friends where he could work on getting himself together. Everything seemed ok that evening.  The next morning  he came into the condo with no words spoken and murdered Ingrid, her mother and then killed himself.

This tragedy has  affected many people who knew and loved them dearly.  Carly and Sophie are still with us although they were there when it occurred and it will take many years for them to heal.   This Website is for Ingrid’s daughters as an avenue for others to contribute to their future and to remain informed about how they are doing. It’s intent can also be a way to voice our concerns about issues such as domestic violence, cracks in the mental health system or common sense gun laws.

Three years have passed since that cold January Day, but their memories will be with us forever

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